1950s educational films dating tips on dating a guy with a child

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When that scene is taken out of context from the rest of the film, it is silly.The goal of was to help parents and caretakers to train mentally disabled people to stop themselves from masturbating in public, getting pregnant unexpectedly, or contracting sexually transmitted diseases.History Flashback takes a look at historical “found footage” of all kinds—newsreels, instructional films, even cartoons—to give us a glimpse into how much things have changed, and how much has remained the same.The world of dating has always been perilous, but teens in the 1940s weren’t left to figure it out on their own.The movie gives examples of two real-life women coming home from a party: Elaine Barrie Barrymore, a Hollywood and Broadway actress, and Trixie Friganza, an opera singer and comedian.We see that Elaine gracefully slips her dress off, while Trixie kicks her shoes off and scratches herself all over.Smart was the publisher of Esquire and Coronet magazines, and the film company was named for the latter. One hallmark was that many titles were shot in color Kodachrome a few years ahead of competing classroom film companies.The film company outlived the magazine; it ceased publication in 1976. Production costs were kept under control by making both color and black and white prints available and charging a much lower fee for the latter.

Over time, a studio was set up in Glenview, Illinois.

From the late 1940s to the mid-70s (with a trickle of school movies continuing into the early 90s), three decades of students were indoctrinated in school with the behaviors society expected of them with titles like 1949’s “Dating Dos and Don’ts.” Director Ted Peshak was responsible for over 300 films, covering a a range of social issues including (1952).

As these titles show, dating was of particular concern in the 1940s and 50s when the romantic stakes seemed higher than ever.

Men were returning home from the battlefield, women were returning (willing or not) home from the workforce, and everyone was trying to figure out what life after war would look like.

Around the globe unrest continued as countries began picking philosophical sides in the brewing Cold War.

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