Accommodating protest

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At Sayreville War Memorial High School in New Jersey, students there were told they'd get suspended if they walked out, and that's a tougher penalty than normal."The students are kind of mad at it.

Why such a drastic change in policy because of the political protest for us?

The March for Our Lives rally for school safety is expected to draw hundreds of thousands to the nation's capital on March 24, its organizers said.

And another round of school walkouts is planned for April 20, the 19th anniversary of the Columbine High School shooting in Colorado.

In other parts of the country, students from the elementary to college level are taking up the call in a variety of ways.

Some planned roadside rallies to honor shooting victims and protest violence.

The walkouts have drawn support from companies including media conglomerate Viacom, which said it will pause programming on MTV, BET and all its other networks for 17 minutes during the walkouts, and students will temporarily take over MTV's social media accounts.

In Massachusetts and Ohio, students said they'll head to the statehouse to lobby for new gun regulations.At Case Elementary School in Akron, Ohio, a group of fifth-graders have organized a walkout with the help of teachers after seeing parallels in a video they watched about youth marches for civil rights in 1963.Case instructors said 150 or more students will line a sidewalk along a nearby road, carrying posters with the names of Parkland victims.Meanwhile, free speech advocates geared up for a battle.The American Civil Liberties Union issued advice for students who walk out, saying schools can't legally punish them more harshly because of the political nature of their message.

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