Accomodating resistance devices

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The speed with which functional capacity increases suggests that the central nervous system, as well as the contractile tissue, is an important contributing component of training.

In addition to the control by the nervous system, the human body is composed of linked segments, and rotation of these segments about their anatomic axes is caused by force. If.: The effects of anabolic steroid on the strength, body composition, and endurance of college males when accompanied by a weight training program.

Another important consideration in both the design of equipment for resistive exercise and the performance of an athlete or a busy executive is that the human body relies on preprogrammed activity by the central nervous system. D.: Strength and endurance changes through circuit weight training.

This control necessitates exact precision in the timing and coordination of both the system of muscle contraction and the segmental sequence of muscular activity.

However, verification of the speed was impossible, since a closed loop feedback and sensors were not used, as they do not exist on the equipment employed.

However, with the advent of' miniatur- RESISTIVE TR.

In ancient Greece, Milo the wrestler used progressive resistance exercises to improve his strength. Unfortunatcly, these isometric and isokinetic devices inhibit the natural movement patterns of acceleration and deceleration. The three factors underlying all athletic performance are force, displacement, and duration of movement. This technique gave load-assisting exercises to muscle groups that did not perform antigravity motions. Mc Queen distinguished between exercise regimens for producing muscle hypertrophy and those for producing muscle power.' He concluded that the number of repetitions for each set of' exercise determines the different characteristics of the various training procedures.

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