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Since force has been considered the most important component of athletic performance, many exercise equipment manufacturers have developed various types of devices employing isometrics and isokinetics. Unpublished dissertation, University of Kansas, 1981. When considered as a separate entity, force is only one factor influencing successful athletic performance. The speed with which functional capacity increases suggests that the central nervous system, as well as the contractile tissue, is an important contributing component of training. In addition to the control by the nervous system, the human body is composed of linked segments, and rotation of these segments about their anatomic axes is caused by force. If.: The effects of anabolic steroid on the strength, body composition, and endurance of college males when accompanied by a weight training program.

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This information has stimulated the medical and sports professions, especially coaches and athletes, to try many combinations and techniques of muscle overload. A., and Strathman, T.: Physiologic changes after 20 weeks of isotonic vs. However, it is only because of the control provided by the brain that the muscular forces follow any particular displacement pattern, and without these brain center controls, there would be no skilled athletic performances. In every planned human motion, the intricate timing of the varying forces is a critical factor in successful performances. Symposium on Olympic Sports Medicine Resistive Training Gideon B. D.* The relationship between resistance exercises and muscle strength has been known for centuries. In ancient Greece, Milo the wrestler used progressive resistance exercises to improve his strength.

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