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7 letter of agreement with New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, Yahoo General Counsel Michael Callahan acknowledged that "certain individuals, interested in engaging in sexual conduct with minors, have at times entered or even created chat rooms for such purposes.

Yahoo is committed to continue to work with (the) law enforcement community, to minimize, target and take action against such behavior." The agreement is "an affirmative step for Yahoo," Spitzer said at a news conference.

Yahoo agreed to prescreen user-created chat room names, to reject names encouraging sexual activity between adults and children and, on finding chat rooms encouraging such activity, to purge them within 24 hours.

It also agreed to develop education materials promoting the safe use of chat rooms.

The revamp of the chat feature did not include the create custom rooms which was part of the major problem with underage people taking part in the cybersex area of the chat. I looked up the whois on the web site and then I went to and did a reverse lookup and pretended to be the police.

Yahoo continually revamped their chat until their advertisers were content that they were not advertising on a virtual porn site (which at one point Yahoo chat was considered because of the unregulated chat rooms) 74.1 (talk) , 22 February 2010 (UTC) what happened to the web based version of yahoo messenger for people who don't or can't install the full version? I was like you are solicitating porno to my 12-year old son.

One investigator, posing as a 14-year-old girl, reported receiving 35 personal messages of a sexual nature over 25 minutes, Spitzer said.

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There was a valid reason (according to Yahoo) why they knocked out the create custom rooms.The attorney general said his office will look at other Internet service providers that may have similar problems."Because of this agreement, Yahoo chat rooms are a safer place today," Jon Bruning, Nebraska's attorney general, said in a statement.But they did have some major comments to Yahoo, which was pressured to shut the chat rooms down.Instead of shutting the chat rooms down, they did a major revamp of it.

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