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Sit back and enjoy the panoramic views of the condo-lined bay, all the way to the mountains and islands in the background.

But are they there to hire prostitutes, as female friends back home might suspect, or simply to strut their masculinity in a sexually freer society, as they themselves like to think?

Apparently, she loved it: she was getting breakfast in bed, overcoming her fear of riding a horse for the first time, and being treated like "a queen" by the man's family. Dinners, drinks, and gifts are."I like to combine utility with pleasure," she said. But it is pleasant to be with a man who likes me, who treats me well." The ultimate prize, she said, is "to go away to another place, to have a good life." Belgium, apparently, qualifies.

Later in my trip, I met Mylla Reys having a late night hamburger at a Copacabana snack bar.

I strike up a conversation with her friend, whose name was Natalia, telling her I was a reporter interested in Brazilian women's relationships with tourists.

Natalia thought that was quite a coincidence, because her pal just happened to be talking to a friend that was off to visit her Belgian boyfriend -- in Belgium.

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