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Yes, it’s creepy and multi-layered — but sensitive viewers may never recover from the traumatic sight of bloodcurdling actor Magnus Krepper rubbing some sort of moisturiser cream into his thighs. Never mind all that depressing, badly designed Olympic tat that none of us is going to buy anyway.

Instead, feast your peepers on some of the charming souvenir memorabilia being produced, issued and minted for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

She most definitely is not Left-wing and progressive in a way that the progressive Left-wing who dominate Twitter approve of.

The case of Liam Allan, the 22-year-old undergraduate arrested after an ex-girlfriend filed six charges of rape and one of sexual assault against him, is a stark warning of the dangers to both individuals and to society as a whole.You may well laugh at the idea of tempestuous Naomi giving advice to anyone, let alone an impressionable colt-legged 14-year-old from Smalltown, America, who is desperate to make it in the big, bad modelling world.Certainly, Naomi can advise youngsters on exactly what to do when a strange man comes a-knocking on your hotel door in the middle of the night with a bag of diamonds in his hands — just say no.The film stars Maggie Gyllenhaal as a grizzled, yet entrepreneurial sex worker and a mustachioed James Franco as a pair of twins who find themselves becoming a front for the mob.Although she sat on the culture committee which delivered its report into phone hacking, Mrs Mensch’s sin was to point out that the phone-hacking report’s incendiary ‘not fit and proper’ line had not been discussed between members before release. Let’s see who can be first to type vile-vile-vile a hundred times. Fix her good and proper for daring to hold views that do not chime with mine.

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