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She is one of the few solo teenage stars from that era to have survived and thrived. The brilliance just keeps on comin’, no week is complete without their peerless output.

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Mensch’s fluent intervention diluted the impact of the report and denied the Murdoch-haters the outright victory they craved. Once they’ve got that off their troglodyte chest, they move onto the really sophisticated stuff. Which is the fact that you are on the Right of the political spectrum rather than the Left. Unfortunately for everyone, online forums are also depositories of racist, sexist and homophobic abuse.

Her last single was about having sex with a snowman. Last week there was a spellbinding collection of live television performances from Frank Sinatra over the decades.

After this display of artless genius, the screechers on BBC1’s The Voice felt more threadbare and forced than usual.

Nothing in the judicial system is more basic or more sacrosanct.

But the insidious spread of a culture — inevitably driven by social media — that encourages us to see every woman as a potential or actual victim is destroying that foundation stone.

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