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Tinzley: Being raised by a single mom and now being a single mom myself as well as my daughter who is also a single mom speaks for itself.It seems that men aren’t what they used to be and many of them just don’t want to settle down with one woman anymore.Next you view profiles and of course folks are viewing yours simultaneously.If you aren’t interested in the person whose profile you are viewing, simply swipe to the left.Women who are constantly settling for bad relationships and changing who they truly are all in the name of having someone in their life.

Join me on social media at #Settle Free dating and let’s make a change!A little too raw for me, but if you are a divorced mom who wants to “hook-up” without dating, this is the site for you. POF aka Plenty of Fish: This site boosts 50,000 people join every day.It comes from the notion that there are plenty of folks out there available for dating in the “fish tank”, I mean dating pool.Think Beyonce, “to the left, to the left, everything you own in a box to the left”.If you are interested, swipe to the right and you can send the person a message and start chatting in the app or exchange info to meet or text or talk, email, do social media, however you want to communicate.

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