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"Some news, 6snap won't come back, not my choice but Snapchat bans all apps.

BUT, I will publish 2 new apps very soon derived...

You use 6discover for Snapchat's Discover section, which was introduced by the company earlier this year. The missive comes just 24-hours after the release of 6discover, a new, free app that pulls the Snapchat Discover content and bypassing Snapchat's official app feature. After some teasing on Twitter, popular Windows Phone dev Rudy Huyn has released his sixth app today.

The new addition to the "six" family is 6discover, and it rides on the coattails of his earlier Snapchat app 6snap (...

The Snapchat Trophy case contains emojis for each achievement you reach on Snapchat. This list of trophies is kept up to date with the latest changes.

Snapchat has a checkered history on Windows Phone with its fans on the platform enduring, then finding immense frustration.

The developer, Rudy Huyn, took to Twitter to confirm that the app (among others) have indeed been pulled. Snapchat has a had a rough few weeks in terms of security.A saga which we've covered in-depth over such a period of time that we'd assume all hope is lost at this point. You won't be able to create, view, or share snaps with friends.You also won't be able to use 6discover to chat or create stories. Snapchat's legal team has sent developer Rudy Huyn a letter accusing him of "violation of federal and state law" for reproducing the Snapchat "Discover" content. The release continues his trend to make apps that do not have an official or third-party versions available on Windows Phone.Now, the company appears to be taking a hardline against the practice by sending out emails to...Unofficial Snapchat app 6snap for Windows Phone has been updated.

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