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Rarely though is it described or likened to an "astral projection." Simply put, an astral projection is an out-of-body experience by another name.

Habitually, astral projection will occur during those moments between sleeping and waking and may feel like either flying or falling, shortly before being jolted awake. Jones , you can train yourself to experience an out-of-body moment when, er, in the moment.

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You have the power to experience astral projection and take your spiritual journey today.

This being 2017, however, it is now believed that this projection can be combined with sex. ALSO READ: Can women do anything without it being about sex?

Millie Odhiambo rants on claims conman slept with female MPs Steve believes that a couple having out-of-body sex doesn't actually equate to physical intimacy.

Your reading was spot on and identified an area I had always secretly known was my Achilles heel.

Thank you so much for helping me bring it to light so that I could work on it.

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