At robertson redating the new testament

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‘The real New Testament is the Greek New Testament,’ says Robertson, and rightly so.He goes on to say, ‘Sermons lie hidden in Greek roots, in prepositions, in tenses, in the article, in particles, in cases.’ Here is a volume that ought to be read by every ministerial aspirant, reread by every ministerial student, and frequently revisited by every faithful minister of the word.After graduating from Wake Forest College, he enrolled in the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary at Louisville, Kentucky and received the Th. Robertsons’s books are still consulted today, particularly his .In all, he published forty-five books, several of which are still in print today.

In 1876, he was baptized and began his lifelong loyalty to the Southern Baptist Church. In 1892 Robertson was appointed a professor at Southern Baptist Seminary and remained in that post until a day in 1934 when he dismissed his class early and went home and died of a stroke.

As the son-in-law of famous preacher John Broadus, Robertson sought to equip his students with the proper tools for good preaching.

The chapters on the Scottish earls and lords which are set out below are arranged in approximately chronological order of creation of the titles.

We need this reprint, and it needs to be in the hands of those who long to ‘rightly divide the Word of Truth.’ — Pastor William Shishko, Pastor, Heritage Presbyterian Church, Putnam, Connecticut “This slim volume is a classic, and like all classics it will be read to great profit. Here Professor Robertson reminds his reader of what is paramount in pastoral ministry.

Many modern pastors are most comfortable in the family room or the board room.

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