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But as millions more add browsing profiles to blind dates, friend-of-a-friend setups and chance encounters to the list of ways couples meet, the taboo against online dating is evaporating. During their date, Anna Tusim, 25, and Matthew Richards, 26, looked past their Ohio State-Michigan allegiances and agreed to meet again but not the following day. Back then cellphones did not have touch screens, online purchasers were skeptical of a start-up called e Bay, and online dating seemed sketchy at best.“They help people find those who are like-minded in their faith and in interest in their faith.”Tusim said she never had trouble meeting men prior to dating online, but the usual post-college courting rituals netted her less than promising results.Initially she was hesitant, even shy, about entering the online ranks, but after a few cocktails and with her lady friends nearby, Anna signed on and made contact.

Most of the required information is like what you are asked on a first date or what is revealed on a Facebook profile—until you arrive at the Catholic faith/doctrine section.

“It showed the degree of seriousness in following the church’s teachings.”Richards’s numbers matched hers, so the couple was able to relax about the topic of faith.

“It made the religious aspect a no brainer,” he said.

For her, the seven-question checklist was a useful gauge to assess potential partners.

But it can also prompt accusatory interrogatories from potential dates like, “Why weren’t you 7/7? “I tended to shy away from people who were not close to my numbers,” Tusim said and recalled being either a five or six out of seven.

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