Battery icon not updating windows 7

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If windows doesn't find anything automatically, try looking at the manufacturer's support website, there might be some solutions there if this is an identified and widespread problem. Hi, how can i enable green battery icon on taskbar? It's battery backup is quite good but whenever i use it on battery,it always shows a false 'time remaining'.Someone please guide me how to resolve this problem. Can you please elaborate on your expression of "1/4 of the original time remaining" If the battery is not fully charged it will not work as long as if it was on full charge if the battery is several years old, it will not be able to hold charge as well as a new battery oh and one more thing, windows battery meter is not very accurate Laptop is new and battery as well. if you used your laptop for 2 hrs for light task, like editing a text document you probably were using very little battery power, but if you're watching a divx movie or something the power consumption goes up and you would only get 30 minutes out of the remaining power.

This issue can be caused by to distinct reasons: Heating issues - some laptops have built-in heat sensors that will stop charging if the battery, or the laptop itself gets hot.

It could be more, it could be less, it could be exactly on the dot, but noone will guarantee you either.

A better estimate is the % of power remaining, because windows will forcefully shutdown the machine at certain % of power remaining rather than 10 minutes remaining. But i think,i couldn't use the correct words to make u understand the exact situation.

So i m sure there is a problem,otherwise i know very well how to understand the 'time remaining' as i have been using laptops for quite a long time.

But if there is no solution to this problem,then i will not pay much attention to this. well, all you can try to do is go to device manager and try to update the driver for your battery.

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