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If you’re a stunner who looks gorgeous, all the guys around you may drool at you or try to sneak glances at you all the time, but most guys would feel too intimidated to approach you.

If there’s one thing guys fear more than anything else while approaching women, it’s the fear of rejection or worse, humiliation!

Just use these 13 easy tips, and you’ll see that getting a guy to approach you and start a conversation with you can be one of the easiest things to do. Of course, dressing provocatively would definitely help catch a nice guy’s eye, but only if your look is sensual and not blatantly sexual.

If you’re rude to anyone, be it a waiter or one of your friends, odds are, the guy who wants to approach you would back away immediately.

No one likes rude people, and no guy would want to strike a conversation with a girl who may snap at him or insult him for approaching her! This is a big one that’s something you always need to remember.

Don’t ever hang out with guy friends if you want to get approached by a guy. [Read: Why guy best friends are nothing but trouble] #10 Show him you’re interested.

If your idea is to meet guys or get approached by them, try to spend time alone or probably with another girl friend. Not all places create the perfect scenario for casual conversations.

If you want a guy to approach you, pick a place that’s perfect for casual conversations where everyone in the room won’t turn their heads around to see what’s happening.

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