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It sucks that she’s one of the prettiest girls on campus and knows how to work a crowd, but don’t be intimidated by this.If you give her a dirty look, she’ll most likely relay this message to your crush, and next time you run into him on campus you’ll be the one getting a dirty look.If your crushes are always running for the hills, it’s not him, it’s you. Chris, a student at Michigan State University, shares his story: “I went out on a date with this one girl and she legit texted me nonstop wanting to hang out every single day, even when I didn’t respond to some.” Stalker! It’s one thing to stalk him in private, but another to publicly display your interest in him.Let Her Campus fill you in on 11 reasons why this may be the case. You text him 5 minutes after he gives you his number. Do yourself and everyone else a favor and hide him from your newsfeed.And try not to get that drunk in the first place, for many reasons… You ask him to meet your parents before you are even official.

If you make this terrible mistake of showing him the cake, napkins, and flowers that will be at your wedding, you should probably start making a future cat lady Pinterest board. You get caught stalking his Facebook profile in a large lecture.

Facebook stalking can be fun and sometimes even necessary (when you do it in the comforts of your own home), but that point when you get bored during lecture is not the time to do it.

You never know who’s sitting near you and spying on your screen.

Calm down, girlfriend, there’s more than enough of him to go around.

Just because she’s a girl doesn’t mean she’s hooking up with him.

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