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Always be alert and aware, since some of your most awe-inspiring discoveries will happen when least expected.Stars clothe themselves at the same stores we browse in and they buy food at our neighborhood grocers.Fox are among the thousands of actors who are inspired and invigorated by residing in this city that never sleeps.Rock and rollers flock to New York to catch the energy and excitement that emanates from life here.Their dogs do not walk themselves, but, like ours, they pull on a leash attached to a human hand.

Hope." Cher is one of many performers who dress in clothes one would never expect to see on so flamboyant a star.Madonna, Billy Joel, Diana Ross, Mick Jagger, and Stevie Wonder are among the stars who make music in soundproof studios just above the noisy streets. Simpson, and John Mc Enroe are frequently spotted at the city's hottest restaurants.Comedians often cite the bustling mosaic that is New York as inspiration for their best material. Rodney Dangerfield owns a comedy club on the Upper East Side. One popular hangout for athletes is Mickey Mantle's Restaurant and Sports Bar, where the "Mick" himself is often on hand signing autographs.She enjoys Manhattan because here one can dress down without fear of disapproval.Seeing Christie Brinkley with her glowing face unobstructed one day and covered in dark glasses and kerchief the next can create havoc for stargazers.

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