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Giant, great big caveat: Keep in mind that while multiple Google patent filings describe these techniques — often in great detail — we have how Google uses them in its algorithm.

While we can't be 100% certain, evidence suggests that they use at least some, and possibly many, of these techniques to rank search results.

For another take on these factors, I highly recommend reading Justin Briggs' excellent article Methods for Evaluating Freshness.

Former Google Fellow Amit Singhal once explained how .

This way, Google may be less likely to ignore the change.

The inception date is often when Google first becomes aware of the document, such as when Googlebot first indexes a document or discovers a link to it.

"For some queries, older documents may be more favorable than newer ones.

(More on this later.) Below are ten ways Google may determine the freshness of your content.

Images courtesy of my favorite graphic designer, Dawn Shepard.

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