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So we have London’s infrastructure largely identical and famous people now famous chimps and so on.

It might have worked over 200 pages but, in my view it is unsustainable over 400. You may recall that my brother had a three month holiday in the Americas in late 2011.

Sometimes I stay up late into the night surfing the internet.

My almost famous connection (give it time – also, buy her book) put up a blog post about make-up wherein she said “I’ve just spent about 45 minutes watching make-up videos by Lisa Eldridge”.

So that he can get value from his skis and season pass. Oh yeah, here’s what he says about the trip so far: Hi folks, all’s well in Chamonix, el cuerpo demanded a day off skiing after 8 days today.

I have had an absolutely brilliant time, but the one slightly disconcerting thing about skiing is that the better you get at skiing the more you realise how bad you are at it.

It’s the story of a man who wakes up one day and finds that the world is populated by chimps rather than humans but at a macro level, it’s all the same.On the plus side, I spend my time trying to work out fonts now.My relationship with Garamond has fundamentally changed.“A Visit from the Goon Squad” by Jennifer Egan This got fantastic reviews.It’s not good but I did find it mildly entertaining.

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