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Reluctantly I dragged myself to the doctor and paid €55 for a diagnosis and a course of antibiotics. On the one hand: “…going out to work is incompatible with the proper care of children.

Even before the war one saw the sad result of mothers working the the factory in in a certain manufacturing village near here.

“Great Apes” by Will Self [New Year’s Resolution] I read this book while I was ill which made its faintly hallucinogenic quality all the more disturbing.

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So now that he has his season pass and his skis, he’s decided that he should stay for an extra fortnight.When I started I used to think I’d be as good as the locals in no time, ignorance is bliss, like being so far behind in a race that that you think you’re winning.At this stage I can do all the pistes comfortably if not stylishly, off piste on the other hand feels like seconds from disaster all the time……….The children ran about the streets wild and uncared-for with no home life.” But on the other: “I feel that it should always be possible – things work for men as for women.” Plus ça change..“Just My Type” by Simon Garfield [New Year’s Resolution] A surprisingly entertaining guide to the world of typography but in the end, the string of anecdotes becomes a little dull.

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