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■ MAGAZINE ■ m ■ i at S About twelve months after his conviction he was app and tried and convicted at Chester Assizes for his escape. Lb % * He afterwards robbed the Paisley Union Bank, and immediately proceeded to London by way of Edinburgh, in Post ( haises; and in two or three davs after his arrival, was caught in Surrey. On reaching Southampton on my return journey, I found the snow had | got much deeper, and at Salisbury 1 found" that the London Mails had arrived, but could proceed no further, the snow being so very deep. until the cocoon was 9 then I snipped off all in the front )orate part 1 1 armi n g the caterpillar or otherwise damag- the of its energies and "building material" damage, but it cocoon. I wonder under-wing moth off a it flying about in a pitifully bewildered manner, glaringly s ever disturbed a red in the daytime, and watched ■fc' ' surely cause a variation make the living mir- th eir our insects perform any o e ways of by hiding arouse rful and their many whether themselves vigorous counter attack, will interest. The lower illustration on the next page, showing an interior . vertical bearing projects from the front end rd into a recess passes and couplin saddle casting. door provided is of com- small diameter, although quite large enough to allow of removal ashes and on.

"About four years ago he was capitally convicted at the Old Bailey, and ordered to be transported for Life, but afterwards made his escape. It is often only in le insect life that we get to watch some able ingenuities comes for it to leave. In other words f he insect completely lacking in discernment or t en c e . to a species uses the same There are dozens of different I lie rtime sit fences tree trunks ngs on wings so exactly out on detection because the ■ 1 1 1 ei r tactics, for generation after gives a clue to m any surroundings. In the main, therefore, the new engines follow principles of design that ■ peculiar dished cover plate, has a 4. 3100 are fitted with slippers not fixed ngi • m m to and are arranged so that the bearing pressure between each slipper and its slide bar is uniform. Further, to a wide fire-box having the ample necessary for grate area that is burning the rather poor is used in India. A more rigid coupling arrangement than usi this can on the employed; a seen t h at pro vid es er bar illustration 3101.

ed by at least one of the old coach pro- prietors would make even the modern mail-van contractor feel urther reward of £U^ upon his conviction. At use it as a which to she as ' and it serves skins as their "dressing room" they have to cast their grow out of them. 10/6 net) The story of man's efforts to evolve better means of transporting himself and his belongings from place to place, whether in search of food or trade, or simplv out of curiosity, is a "Flags of all )wn, Son antr;. Richardson, "Summcr- leigh," Esplanade North, Hornsea, E. Northampton.— Good progress is being made, and Branch Nights are held al- ternately on Wednesdays and Fridays of week.

Price 1/- LIMITED i •i Price 6d, each J Assorted colours. apprehend, or cause him to be apprehended, will be aid a Reward of /1 00 upon his commitment for trial, and the The times of some of these stage coaches are worth head took 27 hours; The night coach from London to Falmouth 29 hours; to Edinburgh 43 hours; and to Thurso 108 hours. At the front ■ Tl le the from moth will even s a series of is es arrang caterpillar can possibly force an entrance, but affording easy for the moth w ■n on this comfortable platform they have built night they for themselves. Hodges, secon d prize ville Terrace, Jesmond, ■ - ■ ■' Tvne.

He has a squeakin voice, is mild in manners, and does not talk much. He had formerly served some years on board the 'Hulks' and « » The business con returned some ten vears since. Others r 1 1 are e to warn ■ ■ ood coats of hair but I deter that from birds, does not go un cuckoo from making a good meal off them, for I have watched one of these ravenously ■ of marsh fritillaries, and all their wriggling and twitch- on a colony ing did not appear to put it its feed a bit. It waste precious silk when gum _ m i in strengthening the back and s of the cocoon, nud the front opening the few silk due to it. lies and species of moths that in A puss moth caterpillar attacked by an ichneumon fly. important The general design of these two locomotives, which are i ■ XP," is similar to that a the existing Pacifies" of class "XB," This class is one -of the standard ■ ■« ■ types evolved some years ago by a special committee of India Railway Board for sendee on various Indian lines, including the East Indian, Eastern Bengal and Great Indian Peninsula systems. Other parts of the motion in which there are differences between the two engines are cross- sign. ■ The boiler is e, is are well-tn way practice, but they include various special features with the object of securing more intensive service, as explained previously. er to control the s is known as the "Systeme Mestre/' antage is taken of the weight of the feed- water heating system, and apparatus ion at the v of engine.

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A "good mail" would produce as much as from tips and fees for services rendered. a year : th The duty of a mail guard, besides the primary one Of protectin c mails, for which he was provided with a blunderbuss, a pair c g of O pistols and a cutlass, was to see that time was kept according t the official time bill. Locomotives As the result of experience lilting speedometers to locomotives of the "King" and "Castle" classes, the GAV. suitable for this purpose, — ft mm • ■ I t MECCANO MAGAZINE New Locomotive News ves in service on the L. With the ordinary I of couplin difficult times man traverse round rim. — Excellent train at which a Breakdown Crane was kept in readiness at one of the sidings in case of accident.

or «..i Vrt m kjwteli** ■«»litwvlf, «~1 Hkf dn^m »l^ W *i| (Im- mt KT tlf Fcw Irr «* I N ^p Mh^r M| Some of the 15 ships can be unloaded in as little as 6 J hours if necessary, but as the ship must await the same managers at times visit London on charter, flood tide before sh when the vessels belonging to the London power and gas can anies are undercoinsr e •^ or 18 MECCANO MAGAZINE Notable Midland Test Runs forma nces were made a* standard 4-6-0 three- cylinder locomotive of the 5XP "Jubilee" class during dynamometer car trials over cable by the Midland and Northern Divisions of the L. On these trials coach train, including the dynamometer car, was em- Christmas Traffic at King's Cross An entirely new departure in train operation was made by the L. E.1L during the recent Christmas In previous years several "relief" were run in the peak period, but passen- ers still showed preference for travelling _ ■_ the main trains, thus overcrowded com while .. the Canadian Pacific Railway have a camp, which great the is one that naturalists to ask "Do pelicans " They can often be seen at nesting grounds gather- ed one who with puffed-out chest seems to ■M- be lecturing to the community.

On the Dover road over was spent clearing the snow, an official report stating that for 26 miles the road ' w; i s u p by an i e of h *r drci t M ied frcufcthe VHurt ^fuiir #il tin- illtenderf ' U *Hbtr of tf.* *r~ r -a«.*-i H m ib* %j..| rrfmm«f* \ttm\. These runs were made in each direction between Bristol an and between Leeds and ow, with a view to possible future accelerations on the routes concerned. Among the curious habits of ian wilds about 400 miles from Toronto.

THE MECCANO MAGAZINE valve gear motor Great Britain and North - 1 ■ reland.) Control. Most then lounge of the mam lodge, where there is a fire Some chat roaring ab out events of the day. enjoying a in which oiii un- es station at French River is built of logs on seeing it visitors realise at once that they are in the forest country. When risen [ vis concei\ the every seemed the birds, to be occu each pair with one enormous chick, in various ■ hades of umage During the nesting season, many young motion, one scarcely notices when looking- out but is tin window at the lovely scen- The car ai p er terminus gives start c on n e signal to *■» . This event is divided into two them for 10 with the w as one of which saddles not allowed. Mitchell in France, while anca in by Rock on may, eens The Malberg Funicular Railway Germany I While on - ' m • visited Bad most beautiful to the t he Lahn, which in a valley. starts to run like the wind the opposite end of the gives chase and when he *■ m soes it , horn A immediately A roper over dashes ■ i a .

MECCANO LIMITED # BINNS ROAD LIV RPOOL MAGAZINE i fr M ^- m m t ARE YOU A TELEVISION SHOT? just relax anil log the ot hers the warmth in comfort. in another appeared near out stand in ■ - Yorkshire, in 1929. Other Bass Rock gannets have reached Heligoland, in the North e 1 934 in the calf roping event depends upon the the cowboy with the lasso, and gives many — "» Spain and Cas Morocco have both been birds ringed on the Rev. He then raises it in - ■ o wn on its one front leg together, then inspected by the judges.

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