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What Canadian Businesses Should Be Doing Looking at the recent statistics, Canadian Businesses should be jumping on the Social Media Train before it passes by and their competition gets ahead.

Because if you are not proactive enough to make sure that your business got an amazing online presence then you are taking your business in a wrong direction.

One very important factor which was also highlighted in statistics was difference in Social Media usage in different income level groups.

Socio-Economic situation of different demographics also reflect some changes in behaviors.

Quebec is the least connected province with only 49% of population is connected on Social Media Platforms.

Most connected province is Ontario with over 67% of the population is on Social Media.

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Over 45% read blogs and over 21% listen to online podcast.Low income housing, or selected demographics with limited economic resources perform poorly comparing to their other Canadian counterparts when it comes to online engagement and their adaption to Internet.Our online behaviors have changed and what we do online.There are different platforms which offer different communication and content sharing capabilities which will help you to be there where your potential customers are.Your Business should be on all the major Social Media platforms.

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