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Information about products not manufactured by Apple, or independent websites not controlled or tested by Apple, is provided without recommendation or endorsement.2TB) i Tunes library of music and videos that I keep on a Drobo connected to an Airport Extreme base station so that I can access it wirelessly from my Mac Book.I'm guessing that you have your Mac Book i Tunes set to put all of the music on the remote share in the Drobo.So use my Tune Sync to sync your wife's library to yours so that the libraries will be merged.The i Tunes file is a database of the songs in your library and the playlists that you've created. If you delete this file, i Tunes creates a new, empty copy the next time that you open it.Your playlists, song ratings, comments, or other information is lost.The i Tunes file is used only by i Tunes, and is the only one backed up by Time Machine on OS X.

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It will not get added to itunes on its own (Thanks alot Apple!

By default, i Tunes 12.2 and later doesn't create an i Tunes

If you're using OS X Mountain Lion or earlier or a third-party app that uses the XML file, you need to enable Legacy library XML support: The i Tunes file is no longer used by the latest versions of Apple media applications on OS X Yosemite and later. Contact the software developer for more information.

Some customers might have an i Tunes Music folder instead of an i Tunes Media folder.

In i Tunes 8.2.1 and earlier, most content was stored in an i Tunes Music folder.

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