Czech girls dating america men

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Why is it acceptable when men pursue women they find attractive for fundamentally biological reasons but not acceptable when women do the same?

In countries with a low male to female ratio and with a large drug or alcohol problem (neither of which the Czech Republic has), we would expect to see women desperate to leave the country through marriage.

Their physical appearance becomes of utmost importance, because this, in their view, is their way out.

Sleeping with men who offer a way out (and perhaps even faking a relationship) may be simply another strategic move.

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In animal societies, only the high-ranking males get to mate often.Czech women are, quite simply, the most beautiful in the world. But since I'm the one writing, it is the Law of God..least to me. I have never been as instantly entranced by women as I have been by the women of CZ.To paraphrase Nietzsche, my dream is to die and live like a god in Prague.American girls test you every step of the way during the dating process, but my Czech girl let things come as they did and let the relationship set it's own expectations.I know that she evaluates whether or not it makes her happy--she obviously seems happy to me--, and yet she doesn't try to make me into something I'm not.

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