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Out of the 22 pieces written as Tiento, 13 of them called for the half-register technique.In his - a very popular genre in Spain - he designed the piece in three parts for two separate trebles. Bruna's organ repertoire, kept for the most part in libraries in Barcelona and El Escorial palace, achieve a high degree of beauty and perfection in the writing technique and musical ideas.Pablo Bruna died two years later, having already shared his belongings amongst his parents, friends and disciples.His instruments were also shared, among which were a clavichord, a harpsichord, a harp, a clavicytherium on which he practised and taught his students, as well as various notebooks of his musical compositions for pipe organ that he mentions himself in his will.He worked on this project with his son Gaudioso until his death in july 1607 where his son was entrusted to continue the work of his father.It took 17 years to complete the construction of the organ, that was considered at the time to be one of the best in Spain.It is very likely that these edifices were equipped with a pipe organ; we are absolutely certain that five of them were.The Collegiate church of , the largest church of Daroca in which are exhibited the miracle relics, has an outstanding instrument built between 14 by Pascual Mallén of Calatayud.

The renditions in this album show a glimpse of Bruna's different writing styles : (full).

Pablo Bruna (1611-1679)Organ works Batalla, Tiento “Sobre la Letanía de la Virgen”, Pange Lingua, Tientos, Medio registro bajo, Registro alto de clarín Jean-Charles Ablitzer Bartholomé Sanchez Historical Organ 1734Cariñena, Aragón, España Digital/Digital/Digitalwas born in Daroca in 1611.

Baptised on the 22nd of June, he's the second of Blas Bruna and Marìa Tardez's ten children.

Getting back to the instrument he had at his disposal, archives tell us that the transformation of the gothic instrument built by Pascual Mallén was entrusted to Guillaume de Lupe, a leading French organ builder, established in Tarazona, who had already worked on it in 1569 when it was still situated in the old medieval church.

This work consisted of repairing the instrument as well as a positive organ located in the wing next to the chapter house to be played by a second organist.

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