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The polychromatic and gold gothic casing can still be admired to this day.Hence it's in an exceptional religious environment, place of convergence for a host of pilgrims from all over the peninsula, that Pablo Bruna begins his musical education.

Musically describing a battle, it links numerous parts with rhythms and melodic intervals meant to illustrate episodes of combat, from the rallying cries to the impact of the melee up until the final victory, Bruna gives us three fairly monolithic parts in the form of a large is a remarkable piece, a masterpiece in the art of variation.

Furthermore, it was his father Guillaume de Lupe that built a divided bass and treble Dulzaina rank, positioned horizontally above the console for the Santa Cruz de Saragoza church organ - one of the first in Spain.

Pablo Bruna's organ work seems to back up this assumption.

Out of the 22 pieces written as Tiento, 13 of them called for the half-register technique.

In his - a very popular genre in Spain - he designed the piece in three parts for two separate trebles. Bruna's organ repertoire, kept for the most part in libraries in Barcelona and El Escorial palace, achieve a high degree of beauty and perfection in the writing technique and musical ideas.

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