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At present time she stated she's slept with over 40 men,and I took her viginity. Unfortunately there isn't really a way to tell, not as far as I know anyway. I wouldn't worry yourself about it, she'll do whatever she pleases regardless.

DG When a young girl is whoring it up it's usually not because she's addicted to sex, it's often a symptom of bigger problem like low sense of self esteem/self worth. If she's not protecting herself, she can't think too much of herself.

Forums are great places to get opinions; or to tips and techniques.

They are not a good place to get factual information.

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I have been free of this addiction for better than 25 years .is a different animal now .from my past I have compassion for people who abuse sex ..I know many of them cannot control themselves That's the difference between you and someone who's an addict tho. It is not too many years ago that if a girl admitted to masturbating she would be an outcast.

The Mayo Clinic uses compulsive sexual behavior for sexual addiction, and identifies characteristics of the sex addict as "an overwhelming need for sex and are so intensely preoccupied with this need that it interferes with your job and your relationships.

[...] You may spend inordinate amounts of time in sexually related activities and neglect important aspects of your day-to-day life in social, occupational and recreational areas.

I know this because I was a sex addict at one point in my life ....i simply could not turn down sex,it ruled my life .every act was a means to get laid ...ruined and life in general ..only claim to self pride was my sexual conquest I know and accept that i was addicted ...a series of let downs and scares coupled with some great people in my life enabled me to break the sex addiction ..move on addiction is real .much more curable than other other vices you have to admit your addicted and realize that if you dont stop it is going to kill you ..kill you it will ..

I was to the point I would go after a mans wife if i thought i could get it ...(and most sex addicts will know within a few minutes after they meet a woman ,if she will put out) ..knowing he would find out ..yes i have been shot at ..the good news is that morals will return ...a conscience is regenerate able.self respect can be rebuilt .my past memories are abstract .. I've been single nearly 4 yrs, and while the libido is still high I prefer to deal with it on my own rather then seek out *help*. Anytime someone is classified as addicted you have to understand that the addiction takes over their lives, they live for it, steal to support it, it affects their daily lives and family relationships, so be a bit careful before categorizing in this manner.

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