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With a little love, these stoves will last several lifetimes!

Here is a picture of our stove in use: Flyfishexpert, that's the model I bought at Wal Mart on sale and took back.

This new light burned with a strong, steady white flame and was fueled by gasoline. was stricken with very poor eyesight, and was very interested in this new, steady white light that enabled him to read even the smallest print in books and on medicine bottles.

The young salesman was taking a stroll after a hard day’s work selling typewriters, and spotted a new type of lamplight in a drugstore window in Brockton, Alabama.

I was digging through the attic and found my father in law's Coleman camping stove. The best thing to do is to make sure all of the components function before you add fuel to the tank.

Our members are from all walks of life and they come from all around the world.

The Coleman Company made a demonstration lamp (left) to support their Instant-Lite patent; note the presence of the sight glass to see fuel and/or air moving up to the generator. Jim Nichols modified an early 220B by adding a heat deflector and sight glass (2nd from left).

In the instant lite position, air bubbles and fuel pass through the sight glass (2nd from right) while in the run position, only fuel passes through the sight glass (right).

The information in the book was garnered from the members of the International Coleman Collectors Club.

Literally thousands of hours of research have gone into this publication.

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