Dating coleman stoves

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Note the Bakelite tip cleaner wheel (upper image, left) as on the Canadian 242K. Neil Mc Rae notes that Model 246 was Coleman's number for the 242 lantern made for export.This model dates to the mid-1930's; the dates are difficult to read.The mission of the International Coleman Collectors Club, or “ICCC” for short, is to promote interest in the hobby of collecting, restoring and preserving vintage Coleman products by pooling together as much information as possible to assist Coleman collectors, and to make Collecting Coleman an enjoyable experience.The ICCC is a great place to meet new friends, share information and establish life long friendships.I discovered it was narrower than the propane model I use and as a result, you couldn't fit both my 10.5" GSI frying pan and the larger Mirro nesting pot on the stovetop at the same time, a poor design for our use.I would have to get the Dual Fuel for the wider stovetop, and the added height becomes a trade-off for the fuel savings, so back to the store it went.

And so, they end up hating the truth for the sake of the object which they have come to love instead of the truth. The information in the book was garnered from the members of the International Coleman Collectors Club.Literally thousands of hours of research have gone into this publication.This lantern instant lights using the carburetor valve to feed gasoline from the fount.The lantern is in Mark Baldwin's collection; the collar badge (lower image) is on a lantern in Neil Mc Rae's collection.

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