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Irish-born Pierce married Keely in 2001, 10 years after his first wife, Cassandra Harris, passed away at age 43 following a battle with ovarian cancer.

The star recently gushed about his wife's strength and support for him, telling the Independent last year: 'I love her vitality, her passion.

And ever the caring gentleman, Pierce ensured his lady love was dry, patting her off with a towel.

The happy couple, who only recently returned from Hawaii, then anchored at a nearby beach.

Indulging in a further tanning session, the couple soon climbed back onto the boat.

Awarded the Martin Luther King Leadership Award for his work developing the hears, hearts, hands and habits...

learn more Claudia Arp and David Arp, MSW, are a husband-and-wife team who share a passion for helping couples build great marriages through fun, relationship-building dates.

is due for release in summer 2018, a decade after the original film came out.

Although the storyline remains a secret, it is believed that a number of ABBA hits that weren’t included in the first film – such as Waterloo and Knowing Me, Knowing You - will be featured.

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