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A side every bit as real as the other, as might perhaps be deduced from a work in which death and frustrated love are obsessively recurrent themes.It was difficult enough to be a homosexual in that society, but Lorca's dilemma was aggravated by deep emotional conflicts which threatened at times to overwhelm him...On the other hand the locals resented the latter to a greater or lesser extent, for despite having to make only minimal payments – always in kind – to the landowner, it rankled to be tenants of a foreign nobleman, no matter how distinguished might have been the contribution of his great forebear tot he well-being of the nation.All this probably served to sharpen the villagers' sense of irony...Antonio Garcia's wife was celebrated for her beauty and, according to family tradition, may have been of Gypsy extraction.More likely, perhaps, is that his mother was from such a background, given the frequency of the surname Vargas among the Gypsies of Andalusia.Pianist, poet, dramatist, lecturer, conversationalist, raconteur, actor, theatre director, mimic, Lorca could also sing folksongs feelingly and draw well enough to merit the praise of a critic as severe as Dali.

If it is true that poets are the last animists in our industrial society, then Lorca is surely one of the greatest.

The grandfather's surname may indicate that the family was of Jewish origin.

Lorca, an important town in Murcia close to Totana, had a flourishing Jewish community in the Middle Ages, and as is well known, it was common practice, once the Inquisition got under way, for converted Jews to change their names to that of the town of their origin, hoping thus to disguise their Semitic provenance.

A photograph taken when he was twenty suggests a personality in which seriousness, sensitivity and determination blend smoothly...

Tolerant, sensible, measured in his judgements, a fine horseman, always willing to lend a hand to others, with an innate dignity, a good sense of humour and complete lack of pretentiousness, Garcia Rodriguez was respected by all who knew him.

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