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From yaoweibin at Thu Mar 21 2013 From: yaoweibin at (Weibin Yao) Date: Thu, 0800 Subject: [Announce] Tengine-1.4.4 is released Message-ID: Hi folks!

We are excited to announce that Tengine-1.4.4 (development version) has been released.

URL: From lukas.herbolt at Thu Mar 21 2013 From: lukas.herbolt at (=? Unfortunately the PHP project I am using the CDN for would take a long time to convert URLs to the CDN for static files so another route may be a better solution.

There has been mention of using proxy_pass to an upstream to pass static files off to the upstream CDN.

(yaoweibin) *) Change: merged changes between Nginx-1.2.5 and Nginx-1.2.7.

(cfsego) *) Change: CPU affinity is off by default now.

(zhcn381) *) Bugfix: fixed a bug with TFS module that it might corrupt large files. =) Date: Thu, 0100 Subject: tcp splicing Message-ID: Hello, I am new in nginx and I'd like to know if nginx implements tcp-splicing system call. $ grep -r splice ~/nginx/nginx-1.2.7 It shouldn't be too hard for you to check a development version. f -- Francis Daly francis at From francis at Thu Mar 21 2013 From: francis at (Francis Daly) Date: Thu, 0000 Subject: Too Many Redirects - CDN Rewrite Rule In-Reply-To: compatible with Max CDN (aka Net DNA)? If your server is configured to cause a redirect loop, it's your problem. So: which server is causing the "Too Many Redirects"? What happens when you "curl -i" the returned Location: value?

dating rumessage php-5

I have an EMF model which is running perfectly in the generated editor. But the plugin seems to register the resource factories during plugin initialization - which is missing in my stand-alone app. Thanks a lot, Chris Hi I'm not sure what you really mean. XMIResource Factory Impl; import org.eclipse.xtext.resource. IResource Factory; import org.eclipse.xtext.resource.

(cfsego) *) Bugfix: fixed a bug that sysguard and upstream_check module didn't compile on Solaris 11. What request was actually made to the server on

(lifeibo, yaoweibin) *) Bugfix: fixed a bug with TFS module that it might return bad values. bolt Linux Administrator ET NETERA | smart e-business [a] Milady Hor? 108, 160 00 Praha 6 [t] 420 725 267 158 [i] [ [ Created by ET NETERA | Powered by j Net Publish -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... If it does, I guess that the string "splice" will appear in the source code somewhere. What do you get if you make that request yourself with curl?

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