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Rachel refers to her relationship with Paolo as the complete opposite of her relationship with Barry.Throughout the relationship, Ross was jealous of Paolo and constantly tricked him into calling himself mean names.Rachel dates Joshua Burgin for 5 episodes in Season 4.

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Main Article: Ross and Rachel In "The One With Russ", Rachel dates a man named Russ, who to the bewilderment of her friends looks and acts eerily similar to Ross.

Julie is attracted to Russ as soon as she sees him, and when she speaks to him, they begin a relationship.

However, Julie, like Rachel at first, most likely hasn't noticed how much Russ resembles Ross.

Eventually, when Rachel sees the two arguing, she finally sees the similarities between them and walks away, disturbed.

She later breaks up with Russ, who consequently becomes depressed and one day while hanging out at the coffee shop is spotted by Ross' ex-girlfriend Julie, who is likewise depressed after Ross broke up with her.

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