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Things to take with you if you leave In an emergency, leave as quickly as possible.

Do not stop to collect the things on this list-just go.

But over time, the abuser may show subtle signs of controlling the other person, such as by needing to know the other person's whereabouts, or by being extremely jealous.

You have a right to safety, respect, and a life free from harm by others.

If you are being abused, know that abuse is never your fault, and it is never justified. Help is available, whether through speaking with your physician, or calling a telephone crisis line, or a woman's shelter.If your girls are watching their mother be abused, then it is more likely they will be abused when they grow up. If you think your children might be in danger, contact the police and ask them to escort you and your children to a shelter or a location where you will be safe.The place that you decide to go must be within the same province or territory in which you are living until custody is decided by a judge.If you have time, before leaving your home, you should also speak with a lawyer about the best way to protect yourself and your children.A lawyer can help you apply to the court for a custody or parenting order*.

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