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So, ladies in the store would ask me what kind of corset I'm looking for and I said "I'm looking for the one for this man here." 'They're asking him what size corset he wants and he's saying he doesn't 'I don't know my size.' And they're like "What size bra are you wearing?

" because they can see the bra through his shirt and he becomes so embarrassed and scared. We have a whole scenario of changing into girls' stuff at Victoria's Secret.'Finally, I tell him, "Let's go to my studio," which is my workplace, and he thinks it's my office where I do my research and everything.

I actually don't really like to raise my voice too much.

I prefer to do it more of a soft way, but strict at the same time,' she said.

That's also a popular one which I won't do because I don't want it to be my full-time thing,' she said.

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