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On the first night that a work task was introduced, 12 of the 16 male vagrants applying for admission declined to enter; the other four left the next day informing the master that they would not trouble him again.

After its closure, the site was auctioned off and bought by Edward Gibson for £1000.

The Nafferton workhouse was located on what is now Station Road, opposite Feoffee Cottages.

Eden, in his 1797 survey of the poor in England, reported of Great Driffield that: Driffield Poor Law Union was formed on 12th October 1836.

It broadly consisted of three ranges arranged around a central courtyard.The average annual poor-rate expenditure for the period 1834-6 had been £5,930.The new Driffield union briefly carried on using the Cross Hill and Nafferton premises.A separate house for the master was built facing onto Middle Street.Driffield Middle Street workhouse and Master's house from the east, 2006. Driffield Middle Street workhouse eastern range from the north-east, 2006. The new building appeared to be unsatisfactory almost from the outset and alterations were regularly being discussed.

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