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It's common sense that 2 digit (shortened) year numbers are interpreted in the range 1970..2069 However, when padded with zeroes, no such transformation should happen (at least that is the behaviour of other date functions).

Unfortunately it does (until year 100 *inclusive*): The following function moves all the parameters in order of most significant (biggest) to least significant (smallest) order.

Please note that incrementing a date using mktime in a loop is not proper.

You could do it, except that there is a far better method found in the Date Time PHP class.

Timestamps are good for determining *real* time, which is not the same thing as *human calendar* time.

The Gregorian calendar is only an approximation of real time, which is tweaked with daylight savings time and leap years to make it conform more to humans' expectations of how time should or ought to work.

For example, the 32-bit timestamp overflow occurs at 2038-01-19T 0000Z.

Timestamps are not tweaked and therefore are the only authoritative way of recording in computers a proper order of succession of events, but they cannot be integrated with a Gregorian system unless you take both leap years and DST into account.

Otherwise, you may get the wrong number of years when you are approaching a value of exactly X years.

Y', $day ); $day = $day 86400; // 86400 = 24*3600 - frequently used in PHP code which results in wrong date if $day reaches 2015-10-25 (end of summer time in Germany): // Ups!

Same date twice in calendar You may workaround this by using date_default_timezone_set('UTC') where all days have the same number of seconds.

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