Email validating in c

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These can be verified only by actually sending an e-mail to that address with a code and asking the user there to verify that indeed s/he wanted to subscribe, or do whatever action triggered the email validation.Input sanitation is a must when dealing with web services, but it’s also smart to avoid to waste precious seconds in registration procedures due to a wrong email address. Consider, for example, an input of a bet amount for a roulette game. Reminder: a great way to cheat at poorly-written gambling programs is to bet a negative amount, using the house advantage against it, then try to "lose".Consider, for example, an input which is a telephone number. Hint: isdigit(buffer[0]) returns 0 if the first character in buffer[] is not a digit, and nonzero if it is.

It’s not more than just 15 lines of code but it’s a big deal in reducing friction during your registration process for any service or game. If it all works, you can continously monitor your address list to ensure email addresses continue to be valid - Some mail servers may return a positive response even if the mailbox doesn’t exist. I don't know how to make sure that it is before the dot.sure there is text before it.after the dot.would be appreciated!That said, you can try checking the criteria manually, one step at a time. ) -- Eric Sosman es*****@acm-dot-org.invalid It's an optimization. ) I don't think it would be fair to reveal the source of the source, so to speak.I usually don't ask people for this sort of help for assignments, as some see it as unfair, however, I am totally lost on this subject.

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