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Have you ever tried bungee jumping or any other extreme adventure sports? Name an expensive thing that you bought and now regret buying.95.

Have you ever indulged in PDA with me in front of someone else just to make them jealous? What’s one manipulative behavior of mine which pisses you off? If you had to give me a funny nickname based on my personality or some part of me, what would it be? Does it bother you if I look at another person and say he or she is sexy?

What is your wildest sexual secret that you want to indulge in at least once in your lifetime? Do you think you could punch someone and knock them off their senses? If you had to make out with a friend of the same-sex to save the world from aliens, whom would you pick? Which sex toys have you experimented with so far, and which ones would you want to stay away from? If you had to have a sex change, what part of your body would you want enhanced more than anything else? Have you ever had a secret crush on any of your teachers or friends, and have they ever got to know about it? If we had kids together someday in the future, what features/characteristics of mine and yours would you want the child to have? When was the last time you felt possessive about me? Have you ever eavesdropped on me or peeked at me without my notice?

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We’ve got a long list of great first date questions that you can use and impress, but remember to mix your questions so it’s a good blend of short answers and long answers.

At the same time, remember that some of the potentials you meet may be shy or may need a few minutes to open up and talk to you.

[Read: 12 dating rules all classy guys and girls should know] When you’re on a first date with a special someone, always start the conversation with a pleasant introduction and a genuine compliment.

After all, compliments are a great way to let your date know that you find them interesting and likeable. [Read: How to talk to a guy and make him like you in no time] First date questions and what you need to know Questions are easy to ask, but the perfect questions are ones that lead to conversations.

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If you could date a famous celebrity, who would you date? Would you rather be smart and ugly or dumb and beautiful? You look quite familiar; didn’t we go to different schools together? Read Also: Love Messages, Hilarious Jokes, Ethiopian Food, Bible Verses About Love, Newlywed Game Questions, Random Questions to Ask a Guy21. See Also: Cute Things to Say to Your Boyfriend, Chemistry Jokes, Questions to Ask your Boyfriend43. If I caught you masturbating in bed, would you blush awkwardly and accept that I caught you, or would you pretend like you were just shifting your butt about on the bed? What’s the meanest thing you’ve ever done to someone to get back at them? Tell me about the most embarrassing or awkward experience you’ve had around me *even if it’s silly* that you’ve never told me about yet? If you were to lose your power of speech tonight, what’s the one thing you would want to tell me to improve myself? Which is the first region your eyes would wander to if you were to ever see me naked?

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