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VW Australia decided to do a pre press release demo to VW dealers and selected Government bodies such as the Army, Water Resources Commission, Forestry Commission and so on.

The area chosen for the test drive (fun ride) was Duffy’s Forest, north of Sydney.

There’s an eerie feeling when you do reach a crest, not knowing whether to hit the brakes or keep going.

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The rear wheels need to be spinning before the system engages power to the front wheels, so a totally opposite driving style is necessary.

The Kombi has been around since before people-movers got the name, or became a cult, but the big German remains the one that started it all.

And the one which, dynamically, still sets the pace.

Forget the bells-and-whistles approach of most Japanese family vans.

When you get down to engines and suspensions, the VW is still the pacesetter, despite the best efforts of the Toyota Tarago and the latest Mitsubishi L300.

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