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Due to the exclusively hand processing, each piece is an original and can be taken for an art piece.The given objects are counted among the top company products.It's a bummer, because they have (still) some wonderful people on the frontend team. it's a smallish team of extremely smart people.2.good ideas and hard work are both noticed and rewarded.3."Feel good" mission, they actually care about matching people up, having a good product, delivering a good user experience.

Pros Ridiculously smart and talented people in engineering and product.Lisa Mattson thought she’d grow up to acquire a taste for cheap beer and guys named Bubba—not spend her weekends cruising through Napa vineyards in a convertible.When she flees the rural Midwest for the big city in her twenties, she struggles with naivety, insecurity and the double standards of dating, falling for a mind-numbing string of ex-boyfriends that hone her palate and guide her destiny.The combination of gold and a fine decoration using enamel paints adds to the products an exclusive appearance.special painting technique using application of ices (fine crushed meltable glasses), their following firing in a decorating kiln and a final decoration by gold, platinum or by a combination with other painting techniques.

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