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bad developers are treated as replaceable automatons and tend to leave quickly.4.recruiting has hit a real stride, and all the newest devs here are brilliant and appreciated.5.

Co-workers are friendly, intelligent, helpful, and fun.

The company appeared more dedicated to the bottom line than to developing a good relationship with its workers--but ironically, had little to no oversight making sure that their money was being put to good use.

Pros Ok Cupid was a very cushy place to work, pays very well, good benefits, and start-upy perks (free breakfasts, once-a-week lunch provided by the company, etc).

The major part of the colour layer is then cut off (the colour glass forms so called "bevels") and the crystal surfaces are polished with polishing wheels and decorated by hand using the real gold.

demanding technology copying historical replicas of cased, cut and painted as well as of painted glass.

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    Making friends with the French is often seen as a vital stage for ex-pats in their difficult mission to settle in France. Here The Local asks several people for their tips on how to make French friends.

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