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We’ll use specific files from here to finish the database creation, then set up the rest of Tiny Tiny RSS with it.Step 05 Database setup Find the My SQL sql file in the scheme folder of files you just extracted.To do this, we turn to Tiny Tiny RSS, an application that has existed for a while now but has gained recent fame as a Google Reader replacement.

Click on Go once you’ve selected the file, and wait.Step 06 Database Cl I You can alternatively upload the scheme using SSH – cd to the folder, log in via SSH and then use this command: You’ll be prompted for the user’s password.Step 07 Copy configure We’ll now need to edit the configuration file that Tiny Tiny RSS uses to connect to the database and other services on your website, config.php-dist.For single processes, access the PHP CLI and use: Step 18 View By default, all the articles will be in the expanded view – a nightmare for properly navigating your feeds.To change it so that you can click and navigate between feed items, go to Preferences and uncheck ‘Automatically expand articles in combined mode’.

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