Google reader feed not updating

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Follow @Linux User Mag Since Google Reader was discontinued a few months ago, uers have been looking for a replacement.

While some people have turned to commercial services such as Digg Reader and Feedly, the best solution is to create your own, customisable feed reader hosted entirely on your own computer or home server.

Step 08 Configuration Rename the copied file to be and then open it in a text editor.

It requires little more than a server with a LAMP stack, or some decent web space on which you have access to the database.You can also use a graphical FTP program to move the files to the space without having to do anything in the terminal. Go to the URL we specified and you’ll see the login screen – for now, this will be admin and password.Once logged in, go to Actions Personal Data/Authentication and change the password.Step 19 Keyboard shortcuts The keyboard shortcuts are slightly different in Tiny Tiny RSS.For going between articles, arrow-up and down or N and P are used – J and K are now used to go between feeds.

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