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Unlike other dating sites programs, if you are not satified with the service you can discontinue the service and not have to continue to pay for the service that you aren't using. So I still have to pay for this product even though I'm not using and don't want it anymore.It also would appear that some of the accounts are faulty, as in they are not active accounts.There is absolutely no cost to you to submit this form.Doing so places you under no obligations and does not establish an attorney-client relationship.

The company, Great Expectations, apparently set expectations a little too high.

Through our unique content and services, we support both singles and couples as they navigate the ever-changing terrain of dating and relationships. The former, How About We Dating, is the offline dating site.

Our members begin with the words “How about we...” then describe an activity (such as “How about we...

Complaints to company were shunned with the response "you signed a contract" NOT 'how can we assist you better? I am making monthly payments on my Great Expectations account.

I have not used the account much as I have never met anyone from their program in the time I have had an account with them.

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