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"ENEMY SHIP PROFILE PROFILE THE DREAD-NAUGHT IS KNOWNTO BE UNDER THECOMMAND OFCOMMANDERTRENCH THE SHIPS [sic] WEAP-ONS ARE DEADLY, SHEALDS [sic] ARE VERYSTRONG SEPARATIST SHIP POINTS OFATTACK HAVE BEEN PLOTTED OUT AND SHOWN ON THE" [text ends].IN 1002 BBY, THREESHIPS OF THIS TYPE FORMEDPART OF LORD KAAN'S SITHFLEET DURING THE FIRSTBATTLE OF RUUSAN.Shortly before Trench's ship is hit, a Separatist display reads "CHRYSTOPSIS [sic] BLOCKADE" . During Ahsoka's first lecture, Soniee's datapad says "CORRUPTION".When Soniee and her fellow students break into the government warehouse, the datapad says "SEARCHING FOR CODE", "WAREHOUSE FLOORPLAN" [sic] and "ENTRARE" When the speeder brings C-3PO to Cad Bane, Bane is standing in front of a billboard which says "VIDEO STORE" and "KL FKJ G[obscured]" - "FAD FA[obscured]".Posters promising "CORUSCANT NIGHTS" are seen at the marketplace (best seen when HELIOS-3D is searching for Artoo).

When the dismantler droid shows up, another screen says "TARGETING OFFLINE". " and "SCREEN FULLY O[obscured]" (a third set of data, consisting of two words, is too small to read properly).In Anakin Skywalker's quarters, there's a poster celebrating the sport of podracing. " - "QUADINAROS VS [sic] SEBULBA" - "WE'LL SELL YOU THE WHOLE SEAT BUT YOU'LL ONLY NEED THE EDGE!!!"."CASE FILE 127456" JEDI MASTERSIFO DIAS [sic] JEDI MASTER SIFO DIAS [sic] DIEDWHILE TRYING TO NEGOTIATEA PEACE BETWEEN TRIBES ONFELUCIA. MUCH OFTHEINFORMATION SURROUNDING HISDEATH REMAINS CONFIDENTIALUNDER THE OFFICE OF THECHANCELLOR.Here are all the one, two, three, and four letter combinations of letters.It's absolutely useless, but your friendly search engine indexed it!

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