Is matt bellamy still dating re hoof beat dating

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He actually seems positively chuffed by the prospect. One eyewitness says the two ate dinner, drank and stayed past closing. Surprising Celebrity Hookups Kate and Derek have been friends for three years, and he's even given the super-fit actress dance lessons in the past."My heart is really in contemporary jazz, but lately I've been ballroom dancing with Derek Hough," she told magazine in 2013.“Her interference was highly frustrating to the other band members.” The 32-year-old Oscar-nominated actress began dating Matt in May 2010 and gave birth to their son, Bingham (“Bing”), this past July.

In fact, sources say the other Muse members are now calling her “Yoko Ono,” referring to the late John Lennon’s wife, whose meddling was blamed for The Beatles’ breakup.“Kate was a constant presence at Muse’s songwriting sessions until she recently left to film her new movie.She thinks she’s a musical expert and nitpicks over Matt’s lyrics and pushes her unsolicited opinion on songs,” a source revealed.“Now that Matt and Kate have a baby together, Matt has been more prone to skipping recording sessions or cutting out early because he claims Kate needs him to help out at home or pick up something from the store,” continued the source.“He’s turned from an edgy rocker into a house husband.” Matt and the rest of the Muse musicians are currently working on their sixth album, a follow-up to their Grammy-winning release, .

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