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Firstly, JAP mostly used a fairly complex series of letters to identify their engines, and any special features.See where we go with the numbers/letters to give a year ?? If you can find a (possibly long) series of letters anywhere there, it should go a long way to identifying it.At number G2541825 the petrol engine was replaced with a Kohler K301T engine and from number G2571945 the diesel was replaced with a Hatz diesel.In the late 1970's the final drive was altered to give a higher top speed and a Super Version was added to the range with beefed up rotor covers and a higher capacity petrol or diesel engine.The bike was aquired by an Austrian motorcycle museum in 1999. This was the model I-26, which has a 600 cc single-cylinder side-valve engine imported from JAP in London, England producing 15 bhp.

in france a pedal-start motorcycle like this is called a bma (""bicyclette-moteur-auxiliaire""). Frame - Flat tank, twin compartment, luggage rack and auto-tri - powered by a prototype 350cc anzani engine - was one of the first. and, in france, since the earliest days, there was a tradition of annual races of triporteurs through the streets of b.d.

the machine is fully restored to concours condition. BMW's factory at Eisenach ended up on the wrong side of the divide after the second world war but continued making bikes from pre-war stock.

This machine comes to us via Vienna which was, like Berlin, divided with a Soviet sector.

The seller said it was JAP engine that put on one of Sunbeam motorcycle model. Someone has done a lot of work fitting quite a sophisticated looking oilpump, and presumeably oiling system.

But after I tried to search any info/pictures from all over the websites that discuss about JAP or Sunbeam, I never could find information that explain about my engine. Subeam engines usually had a Sunbeam badge inset into the timing cover itself ? Likely to be quite a good performer because of it... Firstly, JAP mostly used a fairly complex series of letters to identify their engines, and any special features.

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