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Firstly, JAP mostly used a fairly complex series of letters to identify their engines, and any special features.

See where we go with the numbers/letters to give a year ?? If you can find a (possibly long) series of letters anywhere there, it should go a long way to identifying it.

image provided by is a very attractive machine which is extremely rare anywhere in the world.

in france a pedal-start motorcycle like this is called a bma (""bicyclette-moteur-auxiliaire""). Frame - Flat tank, twin compartment, luggage rack and auto-tri - powered by a prototype 350cc anzani engine - was one of the first. and, in france, since the earliest days, there was a tradition of annual races of triporteurs through the streets of b.d.

The bike was aquired by an Austrian motorcycle museum in 1999. This was the model I-26, which has a 600 cc single-cylinder side-valve engine imported from JAP in London, England producing 15 bhp.

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Production ceased in 1997 due to Vibration and noise regulations tightening up and with the number of units sold each year a redesign wasnt cost effective.

JAP supplied literally dozens of manufacturers with engines, so pinning down a precise make it was fitted to may sometimes be somewhat problematical. If it has numbers, they will give an indication of year.2ndly, looks 1920s, more later 20s.

Someone has done a lot of work fitting quite a sophisticated looking oilpump, and presumeably oiling system.

Subeam engines usually had a Sunbeam badge inset into the timing cover itself ? Likely to be quite a good performer because of it...

See where we go with the numbers/letters to give a year ??

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