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Whatever It May Be That Sets You Off When It Comes to Spanking, You Can Connect With Others Here Who Enjoy It Too!

Come See Who Shares Your Pleasure--and Your Pain--When You Sign Up Now!

Who knows how many spanks you will get or how long it will last.

But it will not end until she is satisfied you have been suitably punished and then you will think twice before doing whatever it was you did to make her cross in the first place.

But one of the most effective is a good old fashioned spanking.

There's Just Something About the Feel of an Open Palm Striking Your Butt Cheeks.

It is deeply DEEPLY humiliating to have to go over superior females lay and have your bare bottom spanked.

It brings back memories of childhood where their mother would spank them for being naughty and to be taken back to that state of mind and yet still be put across a female knee as a grown adult is degrading and embarrassing at the same time.

Then you will be told to lower yourself across her lap. As you feel the warmth of her thighs against your bare skin, you feel the thrill of touching her mixed with the fear of what is about to happen and what is occurring.

She will probably tell you just exactly why you are across her knee and why you are getting a spanking.

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