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His high school sweetheart, his best friend; she’d been taken from him so cruelly.

And Matt was going to have to raise his beautiful new daughter alone, something he’d never even considered before.

Liz had to have an emergency C-section, and as with any premature babies, their new daughter was rushed off to intensive care.

Matt posted an update on his blog announcing the arrival of their baby and her name, “Madeline is here!

Liz was helped into a wheelchair, as is common with new moms, but she complained of feeling light-headed. At first, the nurses put Liz’s fainting down to something common that happened with new moms.

After Matt moved to California to be with Liz, it was clear this couple were destined to be together forever.

As the nurses at the hospital were preparing Liz to see her new daughter, just over 24 hours since she had given birth, something terrible happened.

The new mom was looking forward to seeing her newborn, Madeline, and was going to be taken to the NICU where the premature baby had been placed.

A new baby should be the happiest day of your life, but in some rare instances that just isn’t the case.

Sometimes, a new baby can bring your whole world crumbling down, just like it did with this family.

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