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Instructor Mike Chapple—an IT leader with over 15 years of experience—covers key topics, including how to install network components that can help support enterprise security, leverage security and monitoring technologies, troubleshoot security issues, improve the security of mobile devices, and secure common protocols. Start your free month on Linked In Learning, which now features 100% of courses.

You don’t have to be a hacker, forget about cracks or hacking tools, you don’t have to access the router to reveal hidden asterisk *** characters. If you don’t know your wireless network password, use the info below to find it.

All viewed broadcasts streams may be moved around the chat area to allow you to customize your viewing area.

Your chat profile configurations are available by clicking the name tab at the upper left of the chat .

Please keep in mind that viewing 6 simultaneous broadcast streams may require a fast internet connection.

If you do not have a fast internet connnection you may wish to view less simultaneous broadcasts and enjoy the enhanced zoom feature instead.

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