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Podge's most daring scheme was 1992's "Christmas Crisis," in which he tried to ensure that Zig would receive no presents from Santa Claus, using his postman disguise to enter their home, break one of the presents, for which Zig would be blamed, and also make off with a bottle of "Scent of Man", a cologne which he would develop a great fondness for, which would often give away his identity.

Zig was able to prove his innocence, but Podge was still intent on ruining Christmas, taking the gang's Christmas letters and not delivering them to Santa.

When The Den crew set out to do the job themselves, Podge kidnapped Santa and took his place but was thwarted in the end.

Eventually, in 1996, Podge was finally well and truly caught by the Den gang, only to be freed by his never-before-seen twin brother, Rodge, posing as a policeman, who escorted him away.

Originally the pair would get into bed but in recent seasons they sit at the kitchen table.

They talk about what Rodge was doing, with Podge usually insulting him.

Dubbing the puppet "Podge," Zag used him to practise ventriloquism, and would put on the "Podge and Zag" show, which a jealous Zig usually interrupted.Ballydung Manor may be reached by dialling Ballydung 666 from a telephone.In the earliest seasons of the show, the brothers' shared bedroom was the only part of the manor shown, but in later years, their kitchen was also used.Following his initial "story arc," Podge became a recurring presence on The Den over the next six years, causing trouble by using one of many paper-thins disguises that the gang could never see through, despite his constant insults and use his catchphrase, "Oh rrrrreally?" Over the years, he posed as a child named "Patrick Egdop," a postman also named Patrick, a leprechaun, a trick-or-treater, a health inspector, a taxi-driver, and a builder named "Diglas Mc Doug." He physically fought with Dustin the Turkey upon their first meeting, establishing a pattern that would often repeat when they met again; once, he locked Dustin in the cupboard under the stairs and attempted to take his place by means of disguising himself with a few feathers and a coffee cup for a beak.

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