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You make small talk and try to keep it from feeling too much like a job interview. Then we had a really good first date, and a second, and a third and a fourth and a fifth. We saw the movie , and we held hands for the last ten minutes.

If you both clear each others’ hurdles, you make plans to get together for a real date. We went for drinks, and then dinner, and then more drinks. And then, rather suddenly, I felt the air go out of things. A feeling like something’s missing, like you’ve taken it as far as it’ll go.

This year I made a resolution to bike through the winter.

Usually by January I’ve traded in my bike for public transportation and taxis, but I always feel biking’s absence from my life. In winter it’s too easy to spend your days shuffling tiredly between dark and dark.

I was in the midst of a protracted breakup, and I needed a little fun in my life.

At first I only cruised around Philadelphia on weekends, or took slow rides on a path by the river, though soon enough I found myself biking to work.

Soon, you’ll need to have a talk about where things are going.

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Later still, both of us back in our respective beds, we exchanged a series of emails, recapping the date, putting off sleep.

I’m not suggesting any particular biking-dating correlation. The most important piece of equipment for winter biking is a good pair of gloves.

These are just the facts of my life, the way these facts have arranged themselves. First dates and second dates and third dates and sometimes, though far less often, fourth and fifth dates. You’d be surprised how many lousy gloves exist in the world.

I found myself biking to run errands and to meet friends at bars and restaurants. I always tell people I don’t believe in resolutions, but each year I find myself making a few anyway.

I always tell people I don’t care about birthdays, but I recently turned 39, and it feels like a big one. My 30s, it occurs to me, have been my decade of biking. You’re probably supposed to date in your 20s, but in my 20s I had girlfriends, women I met through work, or school, or friends of friends.

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