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Then Theoretical Background brings the historical summary of the development of social networks theory and social network services.

After historical summary main concepts and conditions of social networks are described and related works are overviewed.

Homophily, Propinquity and transitiveness mean strong ties, while bridges mean weak ties. Segmentation metrics display characteristics of a social graph, divided into distinctive segments: a.

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Finally, history comes to the creation of two major Russian social networking services - Vkontakte [15] and Odnoklassniki [16] in 2006.Forecast is available if a mathematical model is identified.Control is provision of targeted actions on social network for transiting informational processes into desired state.Task Completion Proof shows the completion of tasks defined in the section Task Defintion with references to the sections presented in this thesis.Finally, Conclusion section summarizes the work undertaken, notes the areas of application, and reveals limitations and possible future development of the application.

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