Play online dating sex games liquidating

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Choose from sexy dice games, spin the sex act wheels, Truth or Dare style formats, sexy Scrabble or hot sex position cards that list activities you must perform on your partner.

Smear it, drip it on and lick it off – food is such a versatile sex prop, the possibilities are endless.

But don’t just think whipped cream, honey and paint-on chocolate sauce be inventive: go for avocados, mangoes, berries and bananas, hummus and strawberry jam.

Most foods (bar hot, spicy ones) are safe to smear on the outside of the genitals, but you do need to be careful inserting things.(Sugary food can set off yeast infections; oily foods leave a film which has a nasty habit of ‘eating’ condoms because oil breaks down latex and never squirt or spray anything inside the genitals.)Food isn’t just for smearing, by the way– some people actually eat it!

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Tie your partner’s hands together then ask them to seduce you.Jumping into bed together, ready to devour a tray full of decadent goodies, is unbeatably hedonistic.Choose bite-size finger foods which look, taste and feel sexy: smoked salmon, strawberries, grapes, chocolate, olives, oysters on ice, asparagus - and tuck in!The patient (him) rings and pretends to ask for advice on how to please their partner.The therapist goes into lots of detail describing what would be a good way to do this - all, of course, your personal idea of heaven!

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