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Speaking of recordings…it’s definitely worth recording yourselves having sex.(If you’re the quiet types, up the moans and groans and talking dirty for the occasion.)Play it back in the car when you’re on the way to somewhere you can’t possibly fool around; or share some headphones and listen to it on the tube.Jumping into bed together, ready to devour a tray full of decadent goodies, is unbeatably hedonistic.Choose bite-size finger foods which look, taste and feel sexy: smoked salmon, strawberries, grapes, chocolate, olives, oysters on ice, asparagus - and tuck in!This is a cunning way to teach a not-so-great lover new tricks (if you like this one, get the patient to make an appointment, so the therapist can give ‘hands-on’ demonstrations of each technique).Tie your partner’s hands together then ask them to seduce you.When the person lands on a number, they have to complete the corresponding fantasy out loud.It’s a sneaky, not-too-embarrassing way to find out your partner’s secret turn-ons because we rarely make up a fantasy which doesn’t appeal to us.

Seriously – most guys would kill to give this one a try for the simple fact that men never, ever get to wear fabrics like this.

Sure, they’re cheesy and scratchy as hell to wear but anything that transforms you both into other characters is a good thing.

This is especially perfect for couples who are so close that sex feels like having sex with a sibling: role-play pushes you out of cosy intimacy into a more fun, lusty place.

I was a lonely Woman before I joined this adult dating club and did so with some hesitation however, I made a ton of friends here and met a few sexy women that I chat with and see off and on for adult swinger parties or one on one sex date.

I have made a lot of good friends and found a few great sex partners.

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