Plesk webalizer not updating Chatforfree

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Now run trigger the statistics program and see what you get: /usr/local/psa/admin/sbin/statistics So, this concludes the chapter on how to disable webalizer on a server without disabling the ’statistics’ program.

Additionally, you may want to try running webalizer on a site manually to see what it comes up with.

Both templates provide the same software components; the only difference between them is what template updates are installed when a container is updated: You can tell Major-version templates and Version-free ones apart based on their names: the name prefix of the first type contains major version (pp10), while the latter does not contain any version numbers (pp).

Although the ’statistics’ program calls webalizer 6 times for each domain (once to populate the DNS cache and once to create the actual statistics for each of the services – http, https and ftp), the example below is all you need to do to run it for the http log.

You could also run it for the https and ftp logs if you have these options enabled for the site.

Other than the 2 Gig file limit that causes the ’statistics’ program to crash, I don’t know what it could be.

BTW, the reason ’statistics’ crashes is because it attemts to append the ‘access_log’ to the ‘access_log.processed’ file.

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