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The statistics program sends the hit data to webalizer via the ‘/dev/stdin’ so webalizer never actually accesses any log file directly.So, basically, I don’t think webalizer has anything to do with the actual problem, but is merely a symptom.In order for this to work, it will skip any hit data prior to the last data it has already processed (to avoid double-processing).This means that you MUST process your hit data in chronological order or you will have missing chunks of data. COM To update stats for all the domains on that server use /usr/local/plesk/webstats If you face any problem or get an error like below: Error: Unable to restore run data (99) Then take the following steps to resolve this problem: 1. but this will fix it than update stats as i shown you before and you should not get any error even this does not works, I mean to say, if the webstat stops itself, then check the following Check the root user’s crontab (crontab -l when logged in as root) and see if statistics is enabled, or even present.

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So, I would start with the ‘access_log.processed’ file first, and then the ‘access_log’ file just to be safe.

Although the ’statistics’ program calls webalizer 6 times for each domain (once to populate the DNS cache and once to create the actual statistics for each of the services – http, https and ftp), the example below is all you need to do to run it for the http log.

You could also run it for the https and ftp logs if you have these options enabled for the site.

/home/httpd/vhosts/ Please either trim them or empty those access logs so that webstats can update for all the domains smoothly.

If it seems that these sites are most visited sites on server, then enable the log rotation for those domains.

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