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If I’d been just a little older, perhaps I could’ve believed that if you’re a tart with a heart of gold and zero materialism, he’d put a ring on it.

But after he asks what happened next, she replies: ‘She rescues him right back.’ To say a romantic relationship between a prostitute and her client is unconventional would be putting it mildly, but Vivian and Edward’s first kiss is surprisingly moving.

I could just pop you good and be on my way.” A condition of her unusual arrangement with the billionaire Edward Lewis was that she stay off cocaine for the week they spent together.

Congress passed the Trafficking Victims Protection Act in 2000, partly in response to the flood of trafficked women arriving from former Soviet Union countries and Eastern Europe.

It seems quotidian today, after not merely endless replays on cable but multiple films that got even closer to fantasy, but the Pretty Woman plot is so outlandish as to be a little funny, taken on its own: Edward realizes, after only a couple of days with Vivian, that he no longer cares about his job and decides to tank a business deal.

But if you do, all you seem to notice is just what a terse, humourless dick Edward is …

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It’s hard to give Pretty Woman too much credit for its originality, considering that, at its center, it’s yet another revision of George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion (which also provided grist for the musical My Fair Lady).

His headline, summing up the movie’s decadence and its familiarity, was perfect: “Sinderella.” But this merger of old and new worked, to many moviegoers, in the movie’s favor.

Roberts was nominated for her second Oscar, this time for Best Actress, for Pretty Woman; the film came in fourth in the domestic box-office tally that year, a rarity for a film released outside summer or the holidays.

But when it comes to adults—women make up the vast majority of sex-trafficking victims—prostitution is still often regarded as a possible career choice, as something that women might want to do, and might even enjoy.

“I am appalled that this would be celebrated now,” says Judy Kluger, a former New York judge and executive director of Sanctuary for Families, a group that provides assistance to trafficked women.

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